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Heritage Skills Training

This project will deliver a diverse programme of training to meet the needs identified within the Moor than meets the eye Skills Audit. It will help to address the risks to the landscape heritage of changing farming practices and the loss of traditional skills, whilst also encompassing business and tourism aspects within its scope.

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Pony Herd Identification

The aim of the project is to ensure that there is an informed and ongoing interest in the ponies on the Moor by the general public, and through that a wider interest in the history, amenities and activities on Dartmoor as a whole.

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Dart Valley In Focus

This project has aimed to give five young people a platform to articulate their view of the natural world to a wider audience, by providing training in film making skills, mentoring and support. It has focused on the incredible heritage of the Dart Valley and challenged the film makers to look at the positive and negative impacts that people have on the Dart Valley, Dartmoor and the wider countryside.

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Last update: 02 Nov 2015 12:31pm