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Higher Uppacott

The Landscape Partnership Board is currently made up of 13 partner organisations who are all working to benefit Dartmoor. Dartmoor National Park Authority is the lead partner.

The partners are:

Board Meetings

The Landscape Partnership Board (LPB) meet every 3 months to oversee the management and delivery of the Moor than meets the eye Scheme.

The next meeting is on 12th July 2017

Minutes from the previous meetings are available below:

February 27th 2015

April 29th 2015

July 08th 2015

October 07th 2015

January 20th 2016

April 13th 2016

July 13th 2016

October 12th 2016

January 25th 2017

April 26th 2017

July 12th 2017

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