Hameldon WWII Bomber Crash: Archaeological Survey

A project to investigate why an aircraft heading back from France to Lincolnshire in 1941 crashed on Dartmoor.

Hameldon WWII Bomber Crash: Archaeological Survey

Hameldown picture 1

Project Leader John Lowe and DNPA Ranger Bill Allen at the Hameldon Memorial Stone

In 1941 an aircraft heading back from France to Lincolnshire crashed on Dartmoor with the loss of all the aircrew. The manner of the crash was uncertain and the aim of this project was to investigate the crash site and discover the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

In 2014 a geophysical survey was taken of Hameldon to investigate the principal impact and burn area of the crash site and any subsequent degradation or change in the landscape. This was critical to understanding where the main fuselage was in relation to the cockpit and to establish distances from both. It also helped to confirm the aircraft’s final approach direction. The results of the survey helped to evaluate the 70 year old hypothesis that the crash occurred due to human error and was not a deliberate landing.

Hameldon Survey Pic

A geophysical survey was undertaken at Hameldon

The site is marked by the RAF stone put up by the pilot’s mother and is a well-known feature on the public bridle path from Natsworthy up to Hameldon and beyond.

Project leader John Lowe has held a number of guided walks and talks and has a website dedicated to his continued research into the crew.

This project is now complete.

Want to know more?

More information on this fascinating story can be found at the Hameldown Boys website here.

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