Andy Bradford, Dartmoor Farmers Association

Andy Bradford

Andy is the tenant of Brimpts, a 700-acre Duchy of Cornwall farm has been an integral part of the Dartmoor National Park's landscape for generations and Andy hopes to maintain this long into the future. Andy and his partner Gaye and daughter Jo, try to ensure all our commercial activities are geared towards continued development and preservation of our natural resources for the benefit of this and future generations. Underpinning all the activities on Brimpts Farm is the extensive production of prime South Devon Beef. The cattle are crucial in managing the wildlife-rich landscape as we seek to diversify into sustainable tourism in an ethical and environmentally conscious fashion. Andy operates an open access policy welcoming visitors to enjoy the rich heritage and biodiversity around Brimpts and he tries to encourage all the farm guests to support the local community and economy. He is also a founder of the Dartmoor Woodfuel Co-operative which is moving from strength to strength: The Woodfuel co-operative was set up as an Industrial Provident Society in 2009 by a group of like minded residents, who all share a common interest in the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of their lifestyles on Dartmoor. Andy believes that environment, community and the local economy are central to sustainable development - to this end he participates in a number of different community schemes: in the past he has supported the Moor Skills Project (a youth apprentice scheme designed to attract young people into farming and equip them with rural skills), he works closely with the Dartmoor Prison supporting their re-habilitation programs, he's a director on Dartmoor Farmers and he represents the DFA on the board of the Dartmoor Partnership. Andy was involved in helping Dartmoor Farmers win the Taste of the West, 2011 Carol Trewin South West Producer Award and also works/has worked closely with the Dartmoor National Park and a number of other grass root community groups such as the Dartmoor Tin Mining Research Group, The Dartmoor Heritage Pony Trust plus many others.

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