Alison Kohler, Dartmoor National Park Authority

Ally Kohler

Alison joined the National Park Authority in 1988 as a Recreation Planner. Over the following years she performed a number of roles for the Authority including recreation management, access and tourism all of which required an understanding of the wider land management issues for the National Park. Alison took up a senior management role of Recreation, Rangers and Estates in 2007 and this was followed in 2009 by a new post as Head of Biodiversity, Farming and Tourism, her responsibilities have therefore encompassed most of the Authority’s interests over the years. In September 2010 Alison became the Director of Sustainable Communities and took up her most recent post as Director of Conservation and Communities in April 2012. Alison was the lead officer for co-ordinating the first round submission of Moor than meets the eye and continues to manage the Project Manager. In her spare time Alison enjoys walking and cycling and exploring other National Parks both in this country and abroad.

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