Moor than meets the eye

Moor than meets the eye is a landscape partnership scheme which is helping people to explore Dartmoor’s past, conserve its wildlife, improve understanding of this rich landscape and develop and share the skills to look after it for generations to come. Through a broad range of projects we will look at how the landscape of the moor has been shaped by people over 4,000 years.


Recarving the stones

Buckland Beacon’s Ten Commandment...

06 Jul 2017

Thanks to a Parishscapes grant and funding from the Dartmoor Communities Fund, the community of Buckland in the moor have been able to restore the Ten Commandment Stones monument on Buckland Beacon. The work has just been completed, having been carried out in two phases by Bath-based conservator and lettering expert Iain Cotton and his team. The first phase, completed in late May, saw the stones cleaned and wrapped in preparation for the restoration work to commence. The second phase of the process saw further careful cleaning before some of the lettering was re-carved to bring it back to legibility. Finally, the lettering...

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Poster for Bessie Bogtrotter

MTMTE at Magnificent Mires...

27th Jul 2017

Mortimer T Eyebright will be bringing his Magnificent Time Machine and Travelling Exposition to Haytor, Dartmoor for one day only so that audiences may gasp in wonder and discover that there is indeed more than meets the eye to Dartmoor. Harnessing the power of time itself Mr. Eyebright is delighted to present the first known opportunity to converse with royalty from the Bronze Age and presents for your wonderment Bessie Bogtrotter the Bronze Age Beauty from the Bog.

There will be an opportunity to create your own Bronze Age Bling and discover the Dartmoor Story.

This event is taking place as part of the Magnificent Mires day w...

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Project themes

Bennet's Cross
Dartmoor through the Ages

The scheme is helping people to reveal how our ancestors lived and worked on Dartmoor. Projects involve people in research, archaeology and the conservation of some of our most important heritage assets.

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Wildlife on Dartmoor
The Wildlife of Dartmoor

Dartmoor is important for its diverse wildlife and rich habitats. Projects are ensuring that important conservation work and the sharing of good practice are undertaken to benefit Dartmoor’s wildlife.

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The Dartmoor story
Discovering the Dartmoor Story

Education and interpretive projects are helping visitors to Dartmoor and the communities who live here make new connections with the landscape and develop a better understanding of its heritage through a range of media including interactive guides, interpretation and project work.

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Holwell lawn bluebells
Conserving Dartmoor

The scheme is delivering projects to help share and maintain the skills to look after Dartmoor for future generations. This will include the launch of the “Dartmoor Diploma”; a formal qualification which will help people gain these skills.

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